We believe you should be two things:
a genius and stylish.

We are excited to share such a sustainable staple, which we are sure will find a place in your heart and home.

Our collection is consistent with the modern trends, while providing what established us from the first shirt made…genius design and quality

Appropriate for any occasion
Never feel out of place, yet still catch eyes with our appropriate for every occasion garments

We have listened, and have created the garments that you feel comfortable wearing. fit for you !


The Brand

Utilizing creativity in conjunction with immeasurable clever designs of women’s couture threads, we created JSNL [jēn-yəs] (pronounced genius) Scholars [of] No Limitations.

Originally conceived in 2004 by entrepreneur Jesse L. Smith, JSNL’s mission is to bring high quality fabrics and applications together to contribute intelligence, uniqueness and desire back into the community. Our concept is to express inspiration, thoughts, morals and views for and on politically artistic apparel.

Research has shown that tops are what makes or breaks a woman’s wardrobe. Regardless of the look one is trying to be achieved; sexy, sporty, girl next door, or just the casual everyday look, the top is what will achieve that look. Typically the most affordable piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is the top, and most women buy several to keep up with the latest trends and styles or to non-verbally express their feelings, thoughts, or actions. Intricate t-shirt designs serve as the foundation of JSNL and its success. Our philosophy of providing uncompromising detail to quality while remaining unique and affordable brings a style that can not be duplicated. JSNL has plans to steadily evolve from a t-shirt company into a true lifestyle brand.

Our approach is to design products that best represents us. We honor the human form and strive to stay in the forefront of creativity as well as be a role model for others.

Our Customers

JSNL is committed to respecting and serving our customers. Our inspiration and devotion is drawn from you our loyal customers.

The Company

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia